"FF Coded"  - 3 new special features to be applied using the Firefox normalThemes ...

"ColorsCode" app name: "FFStyled ColorsCode (normalThemes)"

simply use your normal Theme and apply the new "Colors Code" feature , finally you can choose the same color with different gradients for the Toolbars and also for the Menus and the very first time for the lateral Bands ! just open the folder with the local gallery of solid colors ( you can add as many colors as you want ) and decide for the white text, the black text or the moccasin text. btw the normal Theme can be reset in a click and always in a click you can unset and set again the 2 colored lateralBands . Free because other similar addons play with the colors any way the colored Menus + the lateral Bands are really something new ! Promo because launching the setup Firefox will start and open right this page ( wearing the black color and the moccasin text ) and with the menubar activated you'll have a quick welcome ( loop )

"Walls Code" app name: "FFStyled WallsCode (normalThemes)"

this is the spin-off of the automatic interactive feature "pick and wear" the desktop wallpaper and of the manually "set the InsideWall image", optimized for the normalThemes

"Stealth Code" app name: "FFStyled StealthCode (normalThemes)"

this version of the "FFStealth Mode" was especially created for the normal Themes, in the same setup are embedded the 2 options: "full" and "only content"