"+FFStyled"  is - Multieditions\Multiprofiles - Desktop\Windows all  - Independent -

the setup is optimized for the Firefox StableRelease and Beta edition but I also compiled and I provide by request the setups for the: Developer, Nightly, Portable editions ( suffix: D. \ N. \ P. ) you can have the same or different styles on multiple editions and\or profiles. Limitations: the Firefox autostart is only present in the regular setup, in the other cases apply the Style and then start Firefox manually using the usual shortcuts -

The port to other OS and\or devices will be very welcome -

actually Mozilla is not officially supporting the resurrection of the chrome folder resource and will not officially approve my "add-out" (operating before the Firefox start) nevertheless if you check all around FFStyled seems the sole idea really working to revamp Firefox with its special features

IMPORTANT IF YOU ALREADY USED SOME PERSONAL CODES: the Operations Center (OPCEN) is organized in many separated sections


and will became the base of your personal fun, whenever you want you can save the changes on the fly with just a mouse click , the new backups of the precious chrome folder will be saved in a separated subfolder of the "FFBackups" folder (the attached date and time in minutes will prevent to overwrite them)

BEST OF ALL IF YOU WAS (wanna be) A COMPLETE THEMES DEVELOPER: you can mod and replace very easily any internal image and .css code, just respect the folders tree structure and send me the chrome folder, I will compile and send you back your "new Style name.exe" ready to share with all the Firefox lovers.