thanks to Mozilla the files: userChrome.css and userContent.css are saved
LONG LIFE to the chrome folder and to the UI customization !

  you can UnSet and Set again any block of rules moreover clicking the "css" buttons you can directly open the codes and edit the rules of each option and clicking the " > " buttons you will open the subpanels of "Tabs" and "Style Core" and the specific "images" folder  -

Styled+ for Firefox  is - Desktop\Windows all - Multiprofiles\Multieditions  - Independent -

    the setup is optimized for the Stable release and Beta edition, you can have the same or different Styles on multiple profiles but also on different editions: use the setup for the Portable, Developer, Nightly and browse to the right profile location. Limitations: the Firefox autostart is only present in the regular setup, in the other cases start Firefox using your usual shortcut -          

the port to other OS and\or devices will be very welcome -                                                            actually Mozilla is not officially supporting the resurrection of the chrome folder resource and will not officially approve my "add-in&out" -

IF YOU ALREADY USED SOME PERSONAL .CSS CODES: the Operations Center (OPCEN) is organized in many separated sections and will became the base of your personal fun, you can save the changes on the fly with a mouse click , the new backup of the chrome folder will be saved in a separated folder (the attached date and time will prevent to overwrite them)

BEST OF ALL IF YOU WAS A COMPLETE THEMES (wanna be a full styles) DEVELOPER : you can mod and replace very easily every internal image and .css code, just respect the folders tree structure and send me the chrome folder, I will send you back the new compiled "yourStyle.exe" ready to share with all the FFlovers

                               yes all the .css codes are clearly visible, editable, sharable !