thanks to Mozilla the userChrome.css and userContent.css files are saved
LONG LIFE to the chrome folder and to the UI customization !

  you can UnSet and Set any block of rules moreover clicking the "css" buttons you can directly open the codes and edit the rules of each option and clicking the " > " buttons you will open the subpanels of "Tabs" and "Style Core" and the specific folder of the "images"  -

Styled+ for Firefox  is - Desktop\Windows all - Multieditions\Multiprofiles - Independent -

    the setup is optimized for the StableRelease and Beta edition but I can also compile and provide by request the setups for the: Developer, Nightly, Portable editions, you can have the same or different Styles on multiple editions and\or profiles. Limitations: the Firefox autostart is only present in the regular setup, in the other cases start Firefox using your usual shortcut -          

the port to other OS and\or devices will be very welcome - actually Mozilla is not officially supporting the resurrection of the chrome folder resource and will not officially approve my "add-out" (operating before the Firefox start) -

IF YOU ALREADY USED SOME PERSONAL .CSS CODES: the Operations Center (OPCEN) is organized in many separated sections and will became the base of your personal fun, you can save the changes on the fly with a mouse click , the new backup of the chrome folder will be saved in a separated folder (the attached date and time will prevent to overwrite them)

BEST OF ALL IF YOU WAS A COMPLETE THEMES (wanna be a full styles) DEVELOPER : you can mod and replace very easily any internal image and .css code, just respect the folders tree structure and send me the chrome folder, I will send you back the new compiled "Style name.exe" ready to share with all the FFlovers

                               yes all the .css codes are clearly visible, editable, sharable !