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Styled+ for Firefox Browser final                                                                                                         9 Styles + 6 plus features + 2 extra features                                                                                    only $ 4.50  Support  &  Contact me                                                                                              you will receive your copy of the final version and you will be entitled to lifetime upgrades

Clean 100%   the VirusTotal scan is: 0 / 59       the scan is: 0 / 49                                                 SHA-256  b93f4dd36a7af04ae5a0433a3c7ed361072eb81db2116d461e6a5bf31fd1c04e

Styled+ for Firefox Browser free                                                                                           9 Styles + 6 plus features                                                                                                                        download the free version from:

Clean 100%   the VirusTotal scan is: 0 / 59     the scan is: 0 / 49                                                    SHA-256  762e9ce1e51da0744f8549e78009a053e85052bd0df986a03cfc59a891efaf13

& Thanks

:: my artwork was created in "RealWorldPaint" my first choice graphic app thanks to Vlasta                                :: always thanks to Jason Barnabe for his legendary by now legacy addon Stylish, and to the Stylish community for the support on creating my stylish .css styles >
:: many thanks to Aris for his glorious by now legacy addons ClassicThemeRestorer and                       ClassicToolbarButtons and for the great hard work with the project on Github > /Aris/CustomCSSforFx              :: thanks to and to the skinners community for hosting and supporting my artworks >                                                                                              :: thanks to for hosting and supporting my artworks >
:: special Thanks to  Inno Setup    AppVisor   WebNode
:: also thanks to Nightson B. and mrkwatz  for my last minute changes to the Scrollbar customization

double Thanks  to Firefox !! Well this is the question: " What is better than Firefox ? "                                               my answer was always: " Two Firefox ! "  the resident and  the portable                                                            now I will just add  " ... plus Styled+ "                                                                                                                        and naturally MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT * !

* payments go to further my project and are not affiliated with the Firefox Mozilla Org.                                   just consider that I'm 68 and if I only could I should work the next 9 years to gain the minimum required to retire (my skins have reached almost 1million downloads all around the world and it was always for free)