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* my skins have reached more than 850.000 downloads all around the world and it was always for free, now I'm 67 and if I only could I should work 10 years more to gain the minimum required to retire

& Thanks

My artwork was created in "RealWorldPaint" my first choice graphic app thanks to Vlasta >                                                                                                      Always thanks to Jason Barnabe for his legendary by now legacy addon Stylish,
and to the Stylish community for the support on creating my stylish .css styles >
Many thanks to Aris for his glorious by now legacy addons ClassicThemeRestorer and ClassicToolbarButtons and for the great hard work on customize FF57 with the project on Github >                                                                                                    Thanks to Wincustomize and to the skinners community for hosting and supporting my artworks >   
Special Thanks to Inno Setup >
WebNode >
binpress >                         also thanks (for my last minute changes to the Scrollbar customization approach) to Nightson B. and mrkwatz

Double Thanks  to Firefox !! Well this is the question: " What is better than Firefox ? "                                               my answer was always: " Two Firefox ! "  the resident and  the portable                                                            now with the Quantum revolution I will just add ... " Firefox +FFStyled ! "                                                           and naturally MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT !