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Styled+ for Firefox final                                                                                                                       9 Styles + 6 plus features + 2 extra features                                                                                    only $ 5.00  Support  &  Contact me                                                                                              you will receive your copy of the final version and you will be entitled to lifetime upgrades

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Styled+ for Firefox free                                                                                                      9 Styles + 6 plus features                                                                                                                        download the free version from:

Clean 100%   the VirusTotal scan is: 0 / 62     the scan is: 0 / 49                                                    SHA-256  d89d3033419941bded92e683dae9baa93fba09934a69c84c1673db846f7865da

& Thanks

my artwork was created in "RealWorldPaint" my first choice graphic app thanks to Vlasta                            always thanks to Jason Barnabe for his legendary by now legacy addon Stylish, and to the Stylish community for the support on creating my stylish .css styles >
many thanks to Aris for his glorious by now legacy addons ClassicThemeRestorer and ClassicToolbarButtons and for the great hard work with the project on Github > /Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx                                    thanks to and to the skinners community for hosting and supporting my artworks >                                                                                     thanks to for hosting and supporting my artworks >
special Thanks to Inno Setup    AppVisor   WebNode
also thanks to Nightson B. and mrkwatz  for my last minute changes to the Scrollbar customization approach

double Thanks  to Firefox !! Well this is the question: " What is better than Firefox ? "                                               my answer was always: " Two Firefox ! "  the resident and  the portable                                                            now I will just add  " ... plus Styled+ "                                                                                                                        and naturally MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT * !

* payments go to further my project and are not affiliated with the Firefox Mozilla Org.                                   just consider that I'm 68 and if I only could I should work the next 9 years to gain the minimum required to retire (my skins have reached almost 1million downloads all around the world and it was always for free)