"Coded+ for Firefox"                                                                                               + 3 new special features to be applied using the Firefox normalThemes ...

ColorsCode (normalThemes)  app name: " ColorsCode for Firefox "

simply use your normal Theme and apply the new "Colors Code" feature , finally you can choose the same color with different gradients for the Toolbars and also for the Menus and the very first time for the lateral Bands !  just open the launcher with the local gallery of solid colors (you can change the colors as you want just don't rename the images)  btw the normal Theme can be reset in a click and always in a click you can unset and set again the 2 colored lateralBands . well other similar addons play with the colors any way the colored Menus + the lateral Bands are really something new and with the menubar activated you'll have a quick welcome ( loop )

the version 2.0 comes with the new user interface launcher, you can manage and choose one of the 3 default color scheme : - white text \black Bg - moccasin text \choco Bg - black text \white Bg then you can keep the text color and change the Bg in the gallery (6 Dark  + 6 Light colors)         the direct download link of the free app " ColorsCode for Firefox " is here

Walls Code (normalThemes) app name: " WallsCode for Firefox "

this is the spin-off of the automatic interactive feature "pick and wear" the desktop wallpaper and of the manually "set the InsideWall image", optimized for the normalThemes                          

"Stealth Code (normalThemes) app name: " StealthCode for Firefox "

this version of the "Stealth Mode" was especially created for the normal Themes, in the same setup are embedded the 2 options: "full" and "only content"