Well first of all I'm a skinner ( icons - docks - themes artist ) and with my new app "Styled+ for Firefox" you will customize your web browser in few clicks like before the Quantum revolution,   do you remember the "Complete Themes" add-ons ?  from now on you can call them "Styles" !

Styled+ for Firefox v. 2.0  comes with more plus useful features and the new interface panels  ...

The "Styled+ for Firefox" Project                                                             - new special features all in a modern or classic original Style ...

the " DOCK STYLES Series (animated) " 

4 Styles: "Neon", "PhotonDark", "PhotonNeon", "DockWood" (+ "solidOrange-Gray") -                     the transparency below the dock makes consistent the bottom of the dock, right there the Personal Toolbar will find place and will appear on hover, alternatively in the same place you will see the extended link of every single tab just hovering on that tab 

the " DARK STYLES Series "  

3 Styles: "DarkSide" , "Darkmodern", "DarkOrange"  - flat, square and compact design, here is missing the automatic Wallpaper customization because the style should remain dark but then you can always apply the DeskWall and InWall features using the dedicated Options Panels

the new " AERO STYLES Series "  

2 Styles: "AeroClearDarked", "AeroDarkOrange"  -  the PersonalToolbar when enabled is moved to the top and hidden, you'll see your bookmarks on hover. The picked and weared desktop wallpaper is automatically layered with a 50% grayscale filter (AeroClearDarked) , you can find something similar in the experimental Opera Neon, but in the section "Wallpaper" you can also edit the .css file and change the filter to 66% or 33% in the AeroDarkOrange is applied the 00% 

but not only classic Customization ...                                                                                                        thanks to a completely new interactive feature the Style will pick your desktop wallpaper and will automatically apply the image to the PersonalToolbar, NavigationBar, TabsToolbar, Menubar with a clear not blurry aero effect, with or without a grayscale filter -                                                       every time you change the desktop wallpaper you can update the pick&wear feature:             open the "Desktop Wallpaper" Options Panel, if you used the Windows procedure check the option Windows-set, if you used the Firefox internal rightclick menu: "Set as Desktop Background" check the option Firefox-set, you can always un-wear the image checking the Unset option,  just click again the same button to toggle and set again the same image -

alternatively you can manually set the image apart from the desktop wallpaper choosing any single jpg\ jpeg\ png: first ckeck and click the "Browse" button directly pointing to your system pictures folder then select the image using the sendTo menu "Styled+ (select InWall image)" added during the setup, then back to the "InsideWall Image" Options Panel click the "Set InWall" button,  you can also manage the sendTo shortcut clicking the dedicated button -

during the setup a copy of the chrome folder (if any)  and a copy of your desktop wallpaper will be saved in the "Backups\FirstRun" folder and you can restore the same chrome folder with just two mouse clicks                + whenever you want you can save the changes on the fly: the new backup of the chrome folder will be saved in a separated subfolder (the attached date and time in minutes will prevent to overwrite them)                              + reset the normal theme always with two mouse clicks,   all can be managed from the Backups Options Panel -

much more browsing Enhancement and personal Productivity ...
- keep the sidebar always activated: you will see a mini rectangle at the top right, just hover on it and the full sidebar will appear but will minimize again on clicking\opening the link or on focus lost
- every tab presents the "unified button" feature: the loading icon + the site icon + the close button are in the same place on the right side of the tabs, the UnifiedButton is always visible you can close any unselected tab without the need to select it, useful with many tabs the minimum width of the selected tab is set to 130px - the text in the menus is positioned in the center and on hover\ activate will be moved to the left
- the PersonalToolbar is almost transparent and appears on mouse hover, the buttons of the sites direct link have the icons on the right side with a dedicated cursor, the folders have no icons and a self explaining cursor

and even more local Privacy ...

the "Stealth Mode" content feature gives a boost to your Privacy on place (around the desktop station): when you move the cursor out of the browsing space the sites content will turn almost black (95%) in 10 seconds (and definitively will remove the white flash when page loads and when you move between tabs already opened)  -                                                                                           - the stealth mode is now embedded in all the Styles, by default the stealth content is set to active, in the Options Panel you can toggle the feature and edit the transition delay as long as you like !

- the "full" option will turn almost hidden not only the sites content but also the toolbars -               the options panel itself mimics the stealth mode with a looping transition (not on mouse leave )

                                         and this is the last must plus: the Style Manager  !

you can UnSet or Set any block of rules moreover clicking the " > " buttons you can open the subpanels of "Tabs" and "Style Core" and the specific folder of the "images" and with the button "Control" you can see the setting in use and then the changes applied (the list will be updated in real time)  but first you can even customize the color of the Style Manager main panel, well 7 colors are just one click away moreover with the button "color" you can open the standard Windows Color dialog box and choose on the fly any color you like !                                                   when finished click the button "apply the changes" then launch Firefox with your usual shortcut       - by default the Body of 15 popular websites are customized with the same Deskwall \ Inwall image, just use the button: "_ site wall _ click to edit the list"  and select (or delete) all the domains and the specific urls you prefer then save and close the document -                                                  

I also created some animated docks and my galleries: Userstyles, Wincustomize, Rocketdock*, deviantArt are full of more than a hundred docks to choose from, just ask and I will make your personal User Interface. *sorry to say that RocketDock.com was taken down on August 6th 2018

Styled+ for Firefox is for real the new app I was dreaming of ...

you can use the app and apply the Styles without any restriction: the password self-filled dialog will show on opening the Main Panel and the extra Options Panels: Backups, StealthMode and StyleManager (not even that on opening DeskWall and InWall )

Contact & Order & Support

the Styles Collection                                                                                                                                          (every single Style doubles with 2 standalone substyles: tabs on bottom "TB" and tabs on top "TT")

Useful tips:

Before to apply the Styles set the default theme: Dark - the density: Compact - the Sidebar: to the right

By default the setting of the titlebar buttons (minimize, Maximize/Restore, Close)  is "display:none", you can un-set this option using the StyleManager Panel, if you prefer to add the single buttons in the toolbar check > https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/nanpuyue/

Every Style will replace the normal theme in use but will keep the color of the toolbar icons check my themes in the Firefox gallery for some crispy colors : > https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/frankelll 

Run the Setup and click "Yes" on the UAC window notification (the Publisher Unknown message is a Microsoft default when UserAccountControl is set to a high level ... just in case let your antivirus do the job and wait few seconds for the " OK ! " message) then you can always launch the installed Styles with a doubleclick only
to apply and change the Style is a simple one time operation: Firefox will start with the Style applied and the next time you can start Firefox using your usual shortcut keeping the new Style also between reboots.

btw check the Coded+ section for single special features to be applied using the Firefox normalThemes: " ColorsCode for Firefox " , "WallsCode", "StealthCode"

 (Last Updated 6 January 2019)