Well first of all I'm a skinner ( icons - docks - themes artist ) and using my new app "+FFStyled" you will automatically customize Firefox in few clicks like it was  before the Quantum revolution with the "Complete Themes" add-ons, yes from now on you can call them "full Styles" !
      but not only Customization ...
thanks to a completely new interactive feature the Style can automatically pick the image of your desktop wallpaper and wear the PersonalToolbar + the NavigationBar + the TabsToolbar with a clear not blurry aero effect, with or without a grayscale filter applied, by default also the Body of 15 popular websites are already customized  ( you can add or delete as many domains and specific urls selected by your own )
alternatively you can manually set an image apart from the desktop wallpaper choosing any single jpg\jpeg\png: just add the "FFStyled InsideWallpaper" option to the rightclick "SendTo" context menu during the setup or use the same options you can find in ProgramFiles\FFStyled - 1 ) RightClick on the new image and COPY - 1bis ) RightClick on the iconfolder "set InsideWall image" and PASTE - 2 ) "launch InsideWall.exe"
      much more browsing Enhancement and personal Productivity ...
you can keep the sidebar always activated: you will see a mini rectangle at the top right, just hover on it and the full sidebar will appear but will minimize again on focus lost
definitively remove the white flash when page loads and when you move between tabs already opened 
every tab presents an unified button for the loading + the site + the close icons all of them on the right side
the PersonalToolbar is almost transparent and appears on mouse hover, the buttons of the sites direct link have the icons on the right with a dedicated cursor,  the folders have no icons and a self explaining cursor
during the setup a copy of your desktop wallpaper (Windows-set and\or Firefox-set) and moreover a copy of the chrome folder if any will be saved in the "FFBackups\FirstRun" folder -
     and even more local Privacy ...
the "stealth content" feature gives a boost to your Privacy on place (around the desktop station): when you move the cursor out of the browsing space the sites content will turn almost black (95%) after 10 seconds, moreover the delay can be set as long as you like, even to immediate -

"+FFStyled" is Standalone - Multieditions\Multiprofiles - Portable - Unofficial :
     the app is working inside the Firefox profile and all the images and the about 400 codes (most of them orphaned by the legacy addon Stylish ) are embedded locally, you can customize your browsing experience without any waste of internet bandwidth, simply no needs to silently connect to any website data hosting -
     the setup is optimized for the Firefox Stable\Beta editions, I also compiled and I provide for free 3 more setups for the: Developer, Nightly, Portable editions (with the suffix: D. \ N. \ P. ) you can have the same or different styles on multiple editions and\or profiles. (limitations: the Firefox autostart feature is present in the regular setup, in the other cases apply the Style and then start Firefox manually using your usual shortcuts -
    the setups are only needed for properly pointing to the profile in use and to locate the user desktop shortcut, you can altogether move the Firefox profile with the app (you will only need to recreate the shortcuts ), to clear the system just delete the "+FFStyled" folder and the shortcuts in Program Files \SendTo -
     only one app to add many Styles and more: actually Mozilla is not officially supporting the resurrection of the chrome folder resource and will not officially approve my "outside" addon, nevertheless this seems the sole idea really working to apply again complete themes in few clicks and ...

revamp Firefox with its special unique features !

On starting: always close Firefox before to launch the app Setup and the Styles
apply and change the Style is a simple one time operation: rightclick the "stylename".exe and "Run as Administrator" or just doubleclick if your UserAccountControl is set at the lowest level, Firefox will start with the new Style applied ( the next time you can start Firefox using your usual shortcut, keeping the new Style )
... let your antivirus do the job and wait few seconds for the " OK ! " message.
BTW I also created some animated docks and my galleries:  Userstyles, Wincustomize, Rocketdock, deviantArt are  full of more than a hundred docks to choose from, just ask and I will make your personal User Interface.

please contact me by email  >  


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 " +FFStyled" is for real the new app I was dreaming of ... 

for only  2.50  EU euro \ 3.00 US dollars 

 you will receive the app with your preferred Styles ready to run *

* please during the order inform me  >> if you are also running the "developer" , "nightly" and\or "portable" editions I will enclose the D.\N.\P. Setups in the same pack                                                                        

Preview of the D.\N.\P. Setups
Preview of the D.\N.\P. Setups

And well all the Styles are free   

the "Dock series":                                                                                                                                "classicOrange", "Neon", "PhotonDark", "PhotonNeon", "DockWood"                                                                      ( I understand that the dock idea is very extreme, someone said that it's a waste of vertical space any way the transparency below the dock makes consistent the bottom of the dock but, right there ( hidden by the style) the Personal Toolbar will find place on hover, alternatively in the same place you will see the extended link of every single tab just hovering on that tab )

the "Dark series":                                                                                                                                               "DarkSide" , "Darkmodern", "DarkOrange"                                                                                                                ( flat, square and compact design, here is missing the automatic wallpaper customization because the style must remain always dark. The series was just updated with an even more compact design )

the new  "Aero series":                                                                                                                "AeroClearDarked", "AeroDarkOrange"                                                                                                          ( the PersonalToolbar when enabled is moved to the top and hidden, you'll see your bookmarks on hover                          The picked and weared desktop wallpaper is automatically layered with a 50% grayscale filter, you can find something similar only in the experimantal Opera Neon, but in the section "Wallpaper" you can also edit the .css file and change the filter to 66% or 33% or 00% )

Useful tips:

I don't need anymore the "little Firefox icon get started tour feature"  on top left of the Home\NewTab page ! Go to about:config and set to false : >  browser.onboarding.enabled  <

Before to apply the styles set the default theme: Dark - the density: Compact - the Sidebar: to the right Always with just a click you can restore Firefox to the default theme like before the first run of the FFStyled

If you are using a third parties wallpaper changer  the pick&wear desktop wallpaper will not be available just set the background in the default Windows\Firefox way and launch the respective wall exe

Every style will replace if any the theme persona in use but will keep the color of the toolbar icons so you can very easily change the color on the fly selecting another theme persona in the Firefox gallery, check my themes for some crispy colors : > https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/frankelll

IMPORTANT IF YOU ALREADY USED SOME PERSONAL CODES:  the Operations Center organized in many separated sections -ABOUTADDONS - ABOUTPAGES - BUTTONS - DOCKED\DARKED - images - MENUS - PERSONALTOOLBAR - SIDEBAR - SITES - STATUSPANEL - TABS - URLBAR - WALLPAPER - will became the base of your personal fun, then whenever you want you can save the changes on the fly with just a mouse click , the new backups of the preciuos chrome folder will be saved in a separated subfolder of the "FFBackups" folder  (the attached date and time in minutes will prevent to overwrite them)                                                                                             BEST  OF ALL IF YOU WAS (wanna be) A COMPLETE THEMES DEVELOPER:  you can mod and replace very easily any internal image and .css code, just respect the folders tree structure and send me the chrome folder, I will compile your Style and I will send you back your app launcher .exe ready to share with all the Firefox lovers.

Preview of the User Interface Info
Preview of the User Interface Info

Actually the Styles collection is a work in progress, as I already did I'm ready to make some changes to the themes following the users feedback and my intention is to regularly create and upload new Styles.              (Last Updated June 24 2018)