Firefox Browser plus Styled+

the Wow browsing experience !

                  don't stop to be different don't stop your dreams when you open the eyes    feel and see the difference !

Styled+ for Firefox Browser is (Desktop\Windows all)

Add-In&Out - the app is working INside the Firefox profile in use and OUTside the Firefox running time: everything  is done before the Firefox start

Safe - only one app to add many Styles and new unique features without touching your personal data: history, bookmarks, addons, permissions and settings. Your "chrome" folder (if any) will be saved in the Backups > "FirstRun" folder during the setup - whenever you want you can restore your pre-FirstRun "chrome" folder in two mouse clicks

Standalone - all the images and .css rules are embedded locally - customize your browsing experience without any waste of internet bandwidth, simply no needs to silently connect to any data hosting or repository and naturally you can work offline keeping your full customization - Thanks to the "Before the Setup.hta" you can manually + easily point to the proper profile in use -

(Firefox Browser 70 and later ) - Bypass the manual "about:config" procedure to enable and load the chrome folder resources. If needed, during the setup the app will automatically set to "true" the new UserPreference: "toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets" 

Plus - the plus sign in the app name is for "add": not only Styles but also new features and naturally the sign:  " + " is also meaning: "we want more" : We Want Wow !

... and  if you are sticking to an old version of Firefox because of the User Interface customization  try "Styled+ for Firefox" and you'll be ready to upgrade to the Firefox Browser latest version      

... revamp the lost & enjoy the last special features !