Don't stop to be different                                        don't stop your dreams when you open the eyes

        feel and see the difference  ...

                                     for the Firefox lovers current and next                                                     welcome to the new "In & Out of the box" experience  ! 

Styled+ is the first "add-in&out" for Firefox !

the app is working INside the Firefox profile in use & OUTside the Firefox running time (the customizations are already done when Firefox starts) -

Styled+ for Firefox is (Windows all) -  Safe - Standalone - Portable - 100% Clean - Plus -

   only one app to add many Styles and new unique features without touching any of your personal data: history, bookmarks, addons, permissions and settings (your custom "chrome" folder, if any will be saved in the Backups > "FirstRun" folder during the setup)                                                  all the images and the about 400 .css rules are embedded locally - customize your browsing experience without any waste of internet bandwidth, simply no needs to silently connect to any website data hosting or repository and naturally you can work offline keeping your costumizations

   the setup is only needed for easy pointing to the profile in use, you can altogether move the profile with the app - to clear from the system just delete the "Styled+ for Firefox" folder in the profile (and the shortcuts in Desktop and  SendTo )

  I reworked the app to avoid the "false positives" earlier detected by 6 antivirus now the Virustotal detection is zero out of 68 ( I reverted all the original script files, the setup is the only executable remained, btw the InnoSetup compiler was also updated to the latest unicode version)

    the plus sign in the app name is for "add": not only Styles but also new features and naturally the sign: " + " is also meaning: " we want more ! "                                                                                  ... and  if you are sticking to an old version of Firefox because of the User Interface customization  (legacy addons and complete themes) try Styled+ for Firefox and you'll be ready to upgrade to the Firefox Quantum latest version                                                                                                           

... revamp the lost & the last special features !