Don't stop to be different                                     don't stop your dreams when open the eyes

        feel and see the difference  ...

                                     For the Firefox lovers current and next                                                     welcome to the new "in and out of the box" experience  ! 

Styled+ for Firefox  (Windows all) is - Standalone - Portable - Safe - Exclusive - Plus -

    the app is working inside the Firefox profile in use and all the images and the about 400 .css rules (many of them orphaned by the legacy addon Stylish) are embedded locally, customize your browsing experience without any waste of internet bandwidth, simply no needs to silently connect to any website data hosting and naturally you can Work Offline keeping your costumizations -

    the setup is only needed for pointing to the profile in use and to properly locate the user shortcuts, you can altogether move the Firefox profile with the app (the shortcuts in Program Files\ "Styled+ for Firefox" must be recreated) to clear the system just delete the "Styled+ for Firefox" folders in "Program Files" and in the Firefox profile folder (and the SendTo folder shortcut ) -

    only one app to add many Styles and new unique features without touching any of your personal data: history, bookmarks, addons, permissions and settings -                                                just keep it as a secret and don't tell anything to the users of FirefoxESR, SeaMonkey, PaleMoon, Basilisk, Tor, Waterfox, Comodo IceDragon, Cyberfox ...                                                                         but if you are sticking to an old version of Firefox because of the User Interface customization  (legacy addons and complete themes) try Styled+ for Firefox and you'll be ready to upgrade to the Firefox Quantum latest version                                                                                                            the plus sign in the app name is for "add": not only Styles but also new features and naturally the sign: " + " is also meaning: " we want more ! "

... revamp the lost & the last special features !